Happily Painting School Walls And Making Fence With Visitor Team

Happily painting school walls and making fence with visitor team,
#Sophi CDP staff welcome 21 visitors from Korea to visit their target area during two days, 14th -15th February. The first day of arrival,after warm welcome, the team are oriented about our location identity, target area, our target people, development works and achievements by Mr. Saro, Sophi Community Development Program Manager, and he hosts the team to field visit at Kouk Chork village. The local school teachers and community people welcome them and thank for their time to visit us at place. The visitors are enjoying to re-paint the 200 metre school walls, and they are playing fun fun games and drawing and painting with students, 30; until end of day. The second day, Sophi CDP staff are hosting them to visit Sophi primary school, classrooms, library under construction, and visit our Agriculture Cooperative #AC. And the visitor team participates in making the 60 metre fence surrounded Kouk Chork Pond successfully. #Visit

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