The Children Are Being Cared, Loved, Sent To School And Motivated By Their Parents at home

The children are being cared, loved, sent to school and motivated by their parents at home. 
They are being taught by their teachers and made a close relationship with friends at school.
They are being successful by their efforts and commitments in their own life.

Little boy Tola, 7-year-old, top-3-student of Grade 1, Bot Trong primary school in Banteay Mean Chey province shows his Appreciation Letter to our project staff with honors. 
“There are 36 students in my class, I am on the 3rd rank. I receive this letter from my school principal on Graduation Day event conducted at my school today. He said to me that you do the best,” Tola shared with a bit embarrassed and excited. #Education #Graduation_Day #KOB