The H.E Svay Sam Eang, Mondulkiri provincial governor; presides over the opening Daycare Centre ceremony of Good Neighbors Cambodia in Toul Village, Or Boun commune, Koah Nheaek district in Mondulkiri province on 6th February 2017. Mr. Chham Muney, Planning and Communications Department Manager; and Mr. In Sithy, Koah Nheaek Community Development Program Manager; and two representatives of Good Neighbors Cambodia and participants from provincial level, district level, commune level, students, community people, and our project staff around 600 attended.

After the National Anthem of Kingdom of Cambodia and Khmer traditional dancing, District of Education, Mr. Srom Kagh, Director of District of Education shares his summary report, challenges and solutions. Next Mr. In Sithy presents about our Good Neighbors Cambodia history, project focused and achievements. He shares that Good Neighbors Organization was established in 1991 in Korea and supported from Korean citizen contributions to operate in 38 countries in the world.

In year 2002, Good Neighbors Cambodia stepped in our country and has been operated in five provinces included urban area. We partnered with and operated in Koah Nheaek district in three communes (Royor, Sok San and Nong Khiloek) of six villages (Royor, Mae Mom, Anh Chor, Klung Lae, Chea Meat and Nong Bou villages.) since year 2014. We implemented on Sponsorship, Education & Advocacy, Health and WASH and Income Generation project.
“Well cooperated with local authority, community development committees and community people to construct this Daycare Centre, sizes 48 m x 8 m; there are 3 kindergarten rooms, 1 storage room, 1 library, 1 nursery room, 1 Kitchen and 1 restroom; in purpose to improve the education sector of small children in our development target area by allowing them to be gathered, played, studied and feeding them meals at daytime. It is a good time for their parents are working freely to earn income,” he ends.

Importantly H.E Svay Sam Eang, Mondulkiri provincial governor, shares greetings and speech to participants, he officially promulgates to use Daycare Centre of Good Neighbors Cambodia on today onward. He also expresses about the updated infrastructure to connect Snoul district, Kratie province to Senmonorom city in Mondulkiri province by road constructed in length 127 Km and from Sen Monorom city to Lum Pat district in road length 172 Km.
He is thankful to our organizations who well prepared the event, and contributed Daycare Centre to children in community to study and care them. “Government plans to build up universities at northeast provinces because human resource is very important for whole country development, we focus and improve Education sector to be effective and efferent. And also English language is official use to respond labor market currently in Cambodia. Good Neighbors Cambodia Organization and other Civil Social Organizations are our major partners in future. They will delegate plenty of Education sector’s roles and responsibilities to local authority to manage,” he expresses.
To cut off the drop off rate, he suggests to teachers to strengthen on their teaching skills and techniques, and strongly encourage to pupils’ parents to send their children daily, anti-drug, avoid crimes&killings, wild offences and electric shocking fish etc.,

The next to last, H.E Svay Sam Eang delivers scholarships’ materials to 100 students and school materials to 461 students. And on behalf of Good Neighbors Cambodia, Mr. In Sithy also contributes a set of computer to Koh Nhaeak District of Education director to simplify their works.
Our event ends up with big gladness by ribbon cutting at 11 o’clock and delegation team looking around the building and each rooms. #Daycare #Education #ChildProtection #KoahNheaek


Improving health of children and community people are dominant. GNC has operated many health activities for their disease presentation and living protection, primary healthcare awareness educated, physical checkup, medical treatment serviced, medicines delivery and health facilities or/and equipments supported. The malnutrition is noticeable issue that GNC pays attention; GNC has operated the feeding programs in venerable village to decrease the children’s malnutrition rate.


The basic health service at Cheung Aek community is improved. GNC cooperated with external consultant to do health survey on 500 households to identify and analyze on health problem, actual need of people. In collaboration with Government renovated Health Post and improved environment, supported essential medicines and equipments for providing medical care to people. Furthermore, program has continued to cooperation with authority to increase medical health service by upgrading Health Post to be Health Center for responding to basic health need

1,712 childrens registered in child health support (chs)
A program formed CHS committee to select CHS members in the target villages to promote basic health care for children timely. CHS was proposed by community people to provide the opportunity to all children to receive fair quality health service. GNC supported transportation fee, food and admission fee to the members of CHS.