"GLocalization toward Togetherness"

Happy New Year 2018!

Dear beloved GNC family,

We are in the season to say good bye to the old year 2017, and welcome the New Year 2018.  Looking back 2017, we have often faced a lot of difficulties and sometimes encountered frustrations. But we have overcome all those obstacles and achieved uncountably many good changes in communities. Not as a director, but as a brother who cries and rejoices with you together, I would like to tell you “Thank you” and highly appreciate to your efforts, encouraging once more.

Now standing on the starting-line of the 2018, my heart is beating. I have big anticipation toward the new events and new challenges coming to us in 2018. I would like to tell you all, ‘Love and enjoy your work, and regard it as your mission’. Working without joy is just a torture and cannot make a positive impact around you.

We made significant professionalism in many aspects of our works under the theme of “Professionalization toward Good Change”. We strengthened internal monitoring and Human Resource system and improved data collecting mechanism through the MIS (Management Information System), and developed GNC’s own development strategy through IDP (integrated development program). However, we still confess that we are not fully professionalized to make a genuine impact and to reach to the global standard. But I am sure that GNC is walking on the right way and we never stop to grow.

In order to continue our growth with breakthrough, “GLocalization     We “Glocalization have shared toward the Togetherness”new theme  of at the yearAnnual  2018,    toward Togetherness” Staff Seminar. Under the theme, I would like to request you to concentrate more on the following directions,

  1. Never forget the meaning of Good Neighbors Movement. As long as we are alive, Love must be flowing from us to community, making another good neighbors. On the contrary, if community people do not feel Love from us, it means that we are neither alive nor making a Movement. Remember the strong vital power of a starfish!
  2. Be humble and work together. Humility is the base of growth, and growth cannot be made alone. Growth gives us something valuable that success never gives us. And if we make a harmony in working together, community will see that Love of God is breathing inside GNC.
  3. Focus on making a measurable outcome that has an evidential source. We are dreaming an NGO to meet the global standard in community-empowering. False outcomes just decay the value of GNC, and achievement without an outcome is not worthy to make.
  4. Professionalization is still the keyword which we need to keep in mind to meet the global standard. But, never be obsessed with making a reputation. If you focus on making Impact in community and genuine outcomes, name value is automatically following us.
  5. Effectiveness and efficiency are vital factors that a steward of God makes. Firstly, every resource we have were given by God, to distribute for our neighbors and to preserve for the next generation. Only evil stewards waste resources. Secondly, projects implemented without effectiveness and efficiency make community exhausted and doubting GNC.
  6. Transformation should start inside you first. If you are not transformed, nobody in the community will believe what you are saying about transformation.

Our vision and mission are made upon sympathy toward the vulnerable and people in need, and pointing out the future of Cambodia full of love and hope. The vision and mission are quite lofty and undestroyable in any kind of obstructive circumstances. I believe, we could be fall down for a while, but never fail for a long time, as long as we stand firm in the faith of God, who is our supporter.

Look! Our neighbors are over there. I invite you to the New Year, in which we will taste sweet fruits of Good Change achieved in communities.

God bless you!


Jan 2018. From brother Jack who love you.